(Getting the Show) On the Road

Welcome to my blog! I have struggled to pick a topic for my first post mostly because there is so much on my mind when it comes to the running world. Conversations about the sport, sustenance, and the newest foam roller to be added into my collection causes many eye rolls by most of my friends and family. While most of the people in my life will not care to hear about Clif’s Nut Butter Filled bars or that seasonal Gu flavors have been released, I look to my fellow runners, both the seasoned elite and the Couch to 5K newcomers to continue the exchange. I cannot wait to share with you my adventures through both the easy miles as well as the grueling ones, gear, and nutrition. Before I give away too many spoiler alerts, I’ll give you a quick introduction to myself and my journey thus far.

As a graduate from the University of Southern California, studying creative writing and film, I have always been taught, “write what you know”. So here it goes, this is what I know. When I was younger, I used to hate running. I remember the mile in elementary school might as well have been a marathon. I considered it long and arduous and it felt as if construction workers were building houses on my lungs. Running was so terrible that I used common illnesses to excuse myself from the task. I even started to create fake diseases to keep my streak alive. In fact, it was not until college where I incorporated a treadmill into my workouts and completed a couple of Nearly Naked Miles, that running started to work its way into my life.

During my sophomore year I decided on a whim to sign up for The Color Run. I was not looking to cross a 5k off my bucket list, but an excuse to encourage myself to explore the city of Los Angeles and it’s surroundings, meeting new faces in the process. While it introduced me to the city of Glendale for bib pick-up, then later a visit to Dodger Stadium for the actual event, The Color Run acquainted me to the running community and the ability to complete a 5k without prior training. While I am not trying to suggest running without training or toot my own horn, it was a moment of pride and accomplishment and helped to pave my career thus far.

This slow three mile jog soon turned into me running a 10k, wishing I was turning off for the 5k finish instead of starting a second three mile loop. As easy as it is to take the shorter route, especially on those days where your legs weigh a ton each, nothing beats a new PR, that mile thirteen marker, or lacing up your shoes and getting after your goal the next day.

I cannot wait to share with you my journey, mile by mile, from 5k to half-marathon, everything in between and perhaps beyond. It is amazing how far one can get with some air in their lungs. Lace up and I hope to see you out on the roads or trails soon!

The Runologist

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